Springing from the fertile creative history of Shanghainese suiting, W.W. Chan is one of the original “Red Gang” tailoring lineages who has maintained the traditional processes and art of the creation of a bespoke men’s suit. No mere part of Chan’s history, the Red Gang tailors comprised respected generations of tailors hailing from the Shanghainese school of men’s tailoring. Their melding of the dynamic and 3 dimensional aspect of English tailoring with the venerable, intricate handiwork of Chinese embroidery informs the creations that have made Chan one of the finest bespoke houses in service in today’s Hong Kong.

In its constancy to the art of the traditional bespoke processes, Chan has implemented a high-end/low volume business model. This decision has allowed Chan to retain the numerous handiwork and true intimate processes which are unique to Chan today. To this day, the only machine you will find at Chan is a straight sewing machine. Everything else is crafted by hand.