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Trunk Show 

W.W. Chan’s tailor currently makes visits to several countries. During these trips, W. W. Chan personally brings a wide selection of fabrics to choose from. We take orders for shirting and suiting during these trunk shows.

Notes for all customers

If you do already have a fabric in mind, please contact us in advance with the details (Book & Number) and we will be able to bring it and start the process.

Notes for existing customers

Please bring the last suit fitted by us in order for us to gauge alterations in measurement as well as pattern. We aim to keep our records updated frequently so that garments will come out fitted as perfectly as possible every time.

Notes for new customers

Please bring the best fitting suit that you have so that we have a guideline to gauge preferences and measurements for your new suit. Please bear in mind that the suit will only be for reference for creating a completely new fitted pattern rather than creating a copy.